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State Meet Host Responsibilities 

Expectations to be considered for state meet hosts.

1) Follow all rules and policies set forth in USAG rule book.

2) Meet director must be accessible at all times to state committee.

3) Run a format that is most conducive to the athletes.

4) Ensure that meals and drinks readily available for the coaches.

5) Provide a quality sound system.

6) Provide quality equipment and mats that meet or exceed rulebook.

7) Provide responsible volunteers, preferably adults.

8) Ensure that first aid is available as per rules and policies.

9) Ensure adequate seating for spectators.

10) Have a photographer on hand. (Recommended)

11) Have state t shirts available. (Recommended)

12) Provide a designated seating area for competitors.

13) Provide a knowledgeable computer person.

14) Be efficient and correct with awards.

15) Regional Head is required to be paid by the meet host. (Paid one check to regional chairman.

16) State meet host if required to send pro score files to regional officers.

Following state meet, must provide required reports to State and Regional Administrative Committees. 

Other important info:

  • Gate for all State meets CANNOT exceed $20.00 for adults age 13 and older and $10.00 for kids age 5-12.  4 and under is FREE
  • Team scores at state meet will use top three scores on each event.
  • We will NOT be using achievement ribbons at Level 4 State.  It is up to the individual meet directors to decide whether they will use them or not.
  • Specialists are allowed at OPTIONAL levels 6-10.  They will compete with the all a rounders and will not have their own specialist division.  Level 9 and 10 specialists can advance to regionals by scoring a 9.0 or high at at the state meet on their respective events

State Meet Max Entry fees are as follows:

Level 3-5 $75/gymnast

Level 6-10 $85/gymnast

Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold $75/gymnast

Xcel Platinum/Diamond $85/gymnast

Teams-DP and Xcel $40.00/team

State Meet Late Fees:
​$10 Late Fee per gymnast for entries and fees received past the deadline set forth by host club. 
If received within 10 days of competition, late fee is $25 per gymnast.
Late Qualifiers will not be charged a late fee as long as they are included on original roster (if received on time). 

State Qualifying Scores (DP):
Level 3 32.00 AA
Level 4 32.00 AA
Level 5 32.00 AA
Level 6 32.00AA
Level 7 32.00 AA achieved at any sanctioned meet.
Level 8/9/10 32.00 AA ** refer to R&P for mobility score. 
Levels 6-10 Can Specialize at State; qualifying score of 8.0 is required for each event. 

Regional Qualifying Scores (DP) 

​Levels 6-10: 34.0 at State

Specialists in levels 6-10 may advance to Regionals by scoring at least 9.0 on their respective event(s). Declaration of specialist status must be made BEFORE the start of the State meet. May not petition into Regionals as a specialist.

The qualifying score to advance to Regionals for levels 8, 9, and 10 is a 34.0 achieved at the state meet.  Everyone else that achieves the score will compete as an individual, with team champion decided based on points.

Regional Entry Fee: $135 for Levels 8-10

State Qualifying Scores (Xcel)

 Bronze-Silver 34.00 AA                                                                                                                                                                         Gold-Diamond 32.00  AA

Specialist State qualifying scores:

Bronze-Silver 8.5

Gold-Diamond 8.0                                                                                                                                                                                    

Regional Qualifying Scores (Xcel)

Silver 35.5 AA

Gold 34.0 AA

Platinum-Diamond 33.5 AA

All Xcel divisions can specialize at Regionals with a qualifying score of 9.0 on each event, achieved at State Meet

Drop Back Date for Athletes:
Level Declaration Date: ALL DP & Xcel -  February 15th
Gymnasts who drop back after this date cannot compete at State Meet at lower level. 

Gymnasts may not compete in both a DP State and Xcel State Meet within the same "gymnastics year"--August 1 - July 31

Iowa will impose annual adminstrative fees (PER GYMNAST) of $10 for DP and $10 for Xcel.  A State Competition Fee Collection form will be included in the mailing of each state meet entry. You must complete the form and return it along with $/athlete. Forms and fees should be mailed to the state meet director along with your state entry forms and fees. ALL FORMS AND FEES SHOULD BE KEPT SEPARATE! Checks for Iowa’s Competition Fee must be written to Iowa USAG. All competition forms/fees will be turned over to the SC at the state meet.


All petitions for State Meets go to State Chair - Todd Beyer,

All petitions for Level 6-10 Regionals go to Linda Thorberg,

All petitions to Xcel Regionals go to Megan Robinson,

All rules for petitioning can be found in the Rules and Policies Book, page 58 for Xcel, and page 88 for DP.
The deadline for petitions to Regionals is 3 days after the state meet.  Earlier is better if you have an injured athlete
If you have questions, please contact the appropriate Regional personnel.